10 Tips to Maximize Your Time (Students)

Time management and organization is one of the most important factors missing from the average student’s “toolbox of success.” I have taught for 25+ years, and time management has always been an issue for some students. For some, using time wisely seems to come naturally. For other students, it’s more like a nightmare of forgetting due dates, losing assignments, and juggling way too many responsibilities. Below are 10 Tips to Maximize Your Time to pass along to any student you know who seems to struggle with time.

1. Make a Plan.

Before starting on any project, set aside time each day to make a plan on how to best use your time to accomplish your goals. Look at your course syllabus and identify deadlines that may be important to you. Schedule your priorities.

2. Prioritize.

Learning how to prioritize your tasks what is most important or next to do on your list. This is an important skill for students to master. When you know what your deadlines and due dates are for projects, organize the work so that the most important tasks are done first. Then work on one thing at a time.

3. Eliminate Distractions.

Turn off the television and the phone, log out of your social media accounts, and find a quiet spot to work. Many students find that listening to music with headphones helps them focus on their work, so experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you.

4. Track Your Time.

Increasing your productivity may be as simple as recording and tracking your progress throughout the day. This will help you understand how much time you are spending on each task and determine which areas could be improved.

5. Do. Not. Multi-Task.

While it may seem like multi-tasking is the best way to manage multiple tasks, studies have found it can lead to poor results and can be a huge time waster. Instead, focus on one task and complete it before moving on to the next.

6. Break It Down.

Large tasks can be intimidating, but breaking them down into smaller and more manageable pieces can make them much easier to accomplish.

7. Do. Not. Procrastinate.

Putting things off only tends to make life harder creating anxiety, stress, and worse performance. Create a timeline, with realistic goals and targets, and just stick to your plan. Procrastination is a common enemy for students. It’s easy to put the things off that we really don’t feel like doing.

8. Ask For Help.

The best way to maximize your time, and get more done, is to simply ask for help whenever you need it. Talk to your instructors and peers to find out what resources are available and use them.

9. Stay Organized.

Keep all your resources, notes, and tasks organized in one place for easy reference. This will save you time in the long run. Using a planner to help schedule your priorities, plans, deadlines, and due dates is essential.

10. Take Breaks.

Instead of cramming and working for hours without a break, schedule in time to rest and relax throughout the day. Deep focus and concentration can be a  tiring process .Taking small breaks can help keep you refreshed and focused.

The 10 Tips to Maximize Your Time are not just for students. They can help anyone become more productive and successful. Time management is an essential skill to master for work, school, home, and play.

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