Thrive with customized speeches!

I educate, entertain, and equip audiences with easy-to-understand strategies.

Speaking is the best way to elevate, energize, and excite individuals, groups, and organizations.

Use the power of laughter to transform stress into happiness and success.

My talks are centred around the areas of purposeful leadership, entrepreneurship and success. And while the focus of my talks are driven by what would be most beneficial for your audience, the following are some example titles from talks that I have delivered in the last 12 months:

  • The Importance Of Purposeful Leadership.
  • Entrepreneurship & Marketing In Today’s Digital Economy.
  • How Energy Management Drives Our Productivity.
  • The Mindset That Results In Exponential Levels Of Success.
  • How Successful Businesses Think Differently.
  • How To Thrive In An Increasingly Noisy World.
  • Why Happy Employees Matter.

Carl is the founder of One Minute Habits™ who works with people to:

  • Achieve their goals
  • Create better results
  • Enjoy the process.

Carl has 30+ years of experience in Higher Education — thriving in Academic Affairs (Professor of Psychology) and in Student Affairs (Resident Assistant, Hall Director, and Director of Leadership Development).

Carl collaborates with clients to make sure his presentations / programs complement the event and add value. He does his best to leave audiences feeling more optimistic, inspired, and confident to take action.

Carl’s presentations are:

  • Fast-paced
  • High-octane
  • Content-rich.

He is known for his:

  • Outrageous stories
  • Contagious laughter
  • Dynamic presentations.

In fact, Carl is like having two speakers-in-one (a professor and performer) focused on the best ways to …

  • Educate (explain and train)
  • Entertain (laugh and learn)
  • Equip (develop and grow)

. . . people to thrive!

Carl is available for:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Breakout sessions
  • Facilitated retreats
  • Multi-session training.

If you are looking to …

  • Excite your audience
  • Ignite performance
  • Energize teamwork
  • Boost productivity
  • Elevate staff morale
  • Improve leadership
  • Equip your people

… Carl would love to work with you!