5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Achieving your goals does not have to be complicated. If you are struggling to get things done or having trouble staying-on-task, I suggest that you start with the following 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals:

1. Establish Specific Dates.

Have you ever thought about setting your goals in reverse? Pick a date that you want to achieve your goal, and then simply of work backwards. For example, whether you have a paper or report to write, a test you have to study for, or a project that must be completed: set short term goals for each day. This way, you are setting both short and long term goals: as you accomplish your short term goals you move one step closer to accomplishing your long term goal.

2. Use a Calendar.

If you are having problems achieving your goals, perhaps you need to better utilize some type of planning/time management system. A basic calendar (monthly, weekly, daily), though, is a place to start. After all, where are you going to write down a specific and definite date? You can use a calendar to help you both establish and organize your written goals/tasks for each day.

3. Focus on One Thing.

As you start working on your goals, beware of trying to cram everything into one day. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or anything else that you want to achieve, it takes time. Focus on your priorities and do at least one (important) thing every day. Some people enjoy crossing things off  “To-Do” lists or marking an ‘X’ on the calendar when they complete a major goal.

4. Set Time Limits.

Have you ever thought about using a kitchen timer and making whatever you are trying to accomplish a game? When you set a time limit, it may help you focus. I like to work in 10-minute segments and see how much I can get done (whether it’s cleaning, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc.) When you limit the amount of time that you spend on a task, it helps build momentum and increase your success rate.

5. Stick With it.

Benjamin Franklin once stated, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

That’s a great start. What may be more important, though, is taking action and sticking with it. Writing things down (i.e., a written plan) will help you achieve your goals easier. However, what you do on a daily basis, even when you don’t really feel like doing anything, will help you achieve your goals faster.

All in all, by following the 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals, you might find yourself making more progress, building your self-confidence, and moving closer to accomplishing your long term goals

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