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3 Keys to Unlocking New Year’s Resolutions

3 Keys to Unlock Your New Year’s Resolutions “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe New Year’s Resolutions. That dreaded time when millions of people start the new year with hope and good intentions to: achieve goals, make changes, or improve their life (e.g., eat better, exercise

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10 Benefits of Walking

10 Benefits of Walking What’s not to like about walking? It’s easy to do. It’s natural. And, it’s absolutely free! Our bodies are not designed to sit all day: driving, or staring at a screen, or working. Our bodies are designed to be active! Get up! Move! Walk! Walking might be one of the

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5 Words to Get Motivated

5 Ways to Apply Yourself We’ve all been stuck, uninspired, or unable to give our best. When things things don’t go exactly the way we expected them, we also have a tendency to want to quit and give up. I know that I have struggled to get started, get motivated, and apply myself at

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